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    Drift Away

    He’s standing alone in the middle of a parking lot, wondering where his life had gone and how fast it was moving. He started thinking about how many friends he had gained and how many he had lost. He tries to reminisce over the good moments that he had, but could only think about the bad ones, the ones that ruined the friendships of many others. He started thinking about how and where his life would’ve been without them, and it’s amazing. I mean, knowing that you were destined to meet that person sooner or later, it’s sort of crazy that people get attached and drift, right? The people that you would’ve never thought of drifting away from, eventually started drifting away from you. 

    He’s been stressed for weeks, and knowing that he’s alone in the parking lot with only him and his car, that’s the longest time he’s ever been alone by himself. School was freaking him out, knowing how he has to have so many expectations to go to College. He hasn’t even picked out his colleges yet, because he’s scared and don’t know what to look for in colleges. The more he thinks about it, the more stressed he is, and while he tried to drift away from the thought of school and colleges, he somehow can’t do it.

    As he watches his life start to fall apart, he tried to get himself to think about the good things; the people that stick with him through thick and thin, his family, his car, everything, but nothing seems to work. It was starting to rain and he didn’t seem to mind it, but this wasn’t a movie. He couldn’t just sit there forever drowning in his own tears and depression. He got into his car and started it up. A smile was growing on his face as he hears his 240SX come to life. “Hmmm, I should probably do some drifting before I go.” he said. 

    As he started drifting, all of his bad thoughts were flowing away. His smile was coming back, and he’s laughing of happiness. Before he knew it, he stayed there for another hour just drifting the same loops, the same corners, and even creating new links to the corners. He drifted his depression away, and when he stopped, it stopped raining. He didn’t want to go home, so he went to go cruise in the city. His smile didn’t go away after that. Just like how Jeremy Lin has Basketball to keep him going, cars kept him going. It just goes to show that we all need something that’ll keep us going and will never let us down. Lesson learned? You bet.

    hoang write a book, id buy it dude haha

    I wrote this awhile ago LOL. I don’t know. Writing books are a lengthy process, and I’m not much of a writer anymore, like I use to be. Maybe in the future I will. For now I’ll jsut stick to writing short stories.

    best. story. evar


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